This four letter word is much more than it seems. 

There was a time I told myself that I did not believe in love.

But how? 

I was made with love therefore I am love. Maybe it was cause I had seen so many people get their hearts broken by this thing called love. 

But it’s the fabric of Life, how could I not believe in it. Love is within everything. We cannot live without it.

You are love 

I am love 


Author: lifehacker

Christian, but I take the time to learn about other religions and cultures. I'm still learning about life, aren't we all? God freak, Sports fanatic, Lover or travel, Book worm, Cars😍 (Jay Leno fan), Blogmaniac, Feminist...not a FemiNazi, Activist in the making, Sucker for a beautiful view, Adrenaline junkie? Believer of maximization of brain capacity! My favourite book is "I am Malala" Her strength and courage drives me! Be apart of my life story! I'll be apart of yours.

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