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The spirit of suicide is very dangerous. Suicide is in the mind.  The Bible talks about renewal of the mind. 

You need to keep updated with the things of the spirit. You need to be rooted in the word of God. Don’t just read your bible. Meditate on what you are looking at in your bible. You as a child of God are an overcomer because Jesus is an overcomer. Don’t let the devil enter you in this way. Be filled with the holy spirit.
Pray! Yesterday’s prayer will not sustain today’s problem. Pray. Clap your hands. Command the devil out. Do self deliverance of your spirit. The Bible says we have the mind of God.  If you align mind with the mind of God, you will not conform to such spirits. You will know that he is greater. He’s bigger bigger. My dear, pray. Intercede. Fire that prayer in anger. Use the sword that God instilled in you.
There was a mad man in the Bible. He was uncontrollable that not even chains could keep him. Jesus came and he said such spirit will not come out, expect with prayer and fasting. Starve your physical man and feed your spirit. You are not of this world. You are royalty. Royal people reign and rule. Don’t let such spirits get in your Kingdom. They will only destroy it.
Fix your crown Queen. Dust yourself ✨ you were CREATED by God. A creation is a complex thing. It needs thinking and planning. You were not made. Created. Not made, queen. You are God’s temple. Not his house.
-Prophetess Natasha Marivate


Author: lifehacker

Christian, but I take the time to learn about other religions and cultures. I'm still learning about life, aren't we all? God freak, Sports fanatic, Lover or travel, Book worm, Cars😍 (Jay Leno fan), Blogmaniac, Feminist...not a FemiNazi, Activist in the making, Sucker for a beautiful view, Adrenaline junkie? Believer of maximization of brain capacity! My favourite book is "I am Malala" Her strength and courage drives me! Be apart of my life story! I'll be apart of yours.

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