How you see people is not indicative of who they are.

You cannot judge me by the colour of my skin, the texture of my hair, my gender, the accent I have or the clothes I choose to wear. 

If you are the fundamental question you have to ask is why do you perceive it that way? 

Black man White man money goes missing who is your first suspect? 

Coloured man, Pakistani man when there is a bombing who is your first suspect? 

Woman, Man both looking for a job as engineers, who would be considered for the job first? 
Khalid Latif said “we take the most simplistic level of understanding because all we are seeing in the world is that what we are seeing but we are not getting To the depth of certain realities” 

Certain realities being Racism.  Racism is here, its real, it’s a faced reality. However, for the human body To function it needs all its components. As the leg cannot function alone neither can the one racial group within the whole human race. As a single unit is when we will achieve more. 

To be continued……


Author: lifehacker

Christian, but I take the time to learn about other religions and cultures. I'm still learning about life, aren't we all? God freak, Sports fanatic, Lover or travel, Book worm, Cars😍 (Jay Leno fan), Blogmaniac, Feminist...not a FemiNazi, Activist in the making, Sucker for a beautiful view, Adrenaline junkie? Believer of maximization of brain capacity! My favourite book is "I am Malala" Her strength and courage drives me! Be apart of my life story! I'll be apart of yours.

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